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hello lovelies! first of all, im not doing a follow forever because i reached a milestone or anything, but i just want the following bloggers to know how much i appreciate your existence and your effort in keeping your blogs alive and wonderful c: nonetheless! i also want my followers to know that im grateful for every single one of you and tbh never in a million years would i expect my blog to have the number of followers i have now so props to you guys for sticking with me and bearing with my lack of sanity 

italics = amazing senpais i'm too shy to talk to u but teach me your ways

bold = lovely human beings

* = you have a special place in my hearteu

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ps. every blog i follow is amazing i had to stop myself from including every one of them into this list lmao

pps. i might’ve missed out some blogs because im so sleepy so i might come back and add them in later hehe :>




Synnara is an official retailer linked to HANTEO and GAON charts in Korea, which are looked at for results of the end of year awards and music shows. Please take the Synnara Rookie Awards seriously and vote for GOT7! They have made it through 2 rounds of nominations and are currently in the third round of voting. Tutorials for voting can be found in ENG, CHN and THAI.

Please spread the tutorials and vote for GOT7! Let’s show the boys our appreciation for all their hard work and let them win! 

[!!] 10M views BEFORE November

Attention all I GOT7s! We have to reach at least 10 million views on GOT7 music videos BEFORE November. This is when the end of year awards start to choose the winners for each category. To help GOT7, please watch Girls Girls Girls MV and “A” MV on JYPE’s official YouTube channel to…

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