Team members, even though I’m inadequate in many areas, I’m thankful for your trust and for following me. Though individuality is important, but for the team, I hope we will become an outstanding GOT7. The hardship & exhaustion we experience now is for more things to happen in the future. Hence we will give stress to each other; this is for GOT7 too. Enduring it for GOT7, and concentrating on working harder; I hope we will become this kind of GOT7. Let’s work harder to become outstanding GOT7. I love you all." - JB (x)

Jr. letter to JB  ♥
July 22nd  jjp otp
10+ Asia Star Magazine August Issue Cover!!
July 22nd  Got7


57/ Mark Yi-En Tuan
July 22nd  chief bae

2/ daddy & mommy’s love | affectionately tease each other all the time ^.^

July 22nd  otp jjp


I hate going to sleep with you on my mind and not in my bed.

July 21st  to mark qt